Registration Procedures

  1. International Practice Guideline Registry Platform(here inafter referred to as "platform") was developed by the international guidelines registration project team. Guidelines can be registered on this platform free of charge. Possibility to register and access information without submitting guidelines;

  2. This is an independent platform which does not receive any support from the pharmaceutical or device industry or any other source. No advertisement or promotional material will be released on this platform;

  3. The platform is currently available in English and Chinese. The information needs to be filled in separately in both languages to register the guideline in both languages;

  4. Registration can be finished in two steps within about 1 to 3 minutes only. First, the user needs to register an account with personal information; second, the basic information of the guideline needs to be filled in;

  5. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and the unique registration number from the secretariat within 3-5 working days after successful registration;

  6. Registrants can log in to update the information, as well as search the registration of other guidelines at any time;

  7. Registrants can search this platform for relevant guidelines for cooperation, as well as find guideline methodologists and experts on systematic reviews to assist

  8. After accomplishment of the registered guideline, you can contact the platform to add a link to the published version and/or upload the pdf version of the guideline;

  9. If you have any problems accessing or using the platform, please contact the secretariat;

  10. We welcome any suggestions or comments about this platform. You can directly submit your feedback through the platform or contact the secretariat.